Our vlog is recorded specifically for individuals in the special needs community and for those who love them. Attorney Logan Philipps interviews industry experts and community leaders to educate people about the different resources that are available to them.

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Ryan Cook, Executive Director of All R Friends


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Samantha Stewart, Executive Director of ECRN+


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Kristen Henry - Executive Director of APSI


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Aspirations Ohio - Prog. Manager, Erin Powers and Prog. Coordinator, Tracey Manz

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Doug Jackson -
Deputy Director of STABLE Accounts


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Kathi Machle and Ginny Bryan of Autism Society Central Ohio (ASCO)

Director Jeff Davis

Director Jeff Davis - Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

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Dr. Patrick Maynard - President and CEO of I Am Boundless, Inc.


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Steve Beha - Resource Development and Training Manager with the Ohio DODD

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Kristin Schaub -
CEO of Greenleaf Job Training Services


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Peggy Mills, Founder and Director of Valemee


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Rob Seideman - Executive Director of May We Help


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Jennifer Smith - LEND Program Director, Associate Professor at UC, Director of SOAR

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Adam Kressler - VP of Customer Experience at CVG Airport