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Is your estate plan up to date?

Your estate plan includes specific elements to protect your family and help you reach your goals.  At Resch, Root, Philipps & Graham, our goal is to make sure your plan is always up to date and ready to be used in the manner in which you intended when we originally designed it together.  As we discussed when implementing your plan, and as reflected in your portfolio, it is critical that your beneficiary forms be completed and that all assets be directed to pass upon your death in a manner that avoids probate and maximizes convenience for loved ones.

You are invited to register for a complimentary annual review webinar. This online educational opportunity will empower you to make a self-assessment of your current estate planning strategy. We plan to emphasize the importance of accurate beneficiary designations and outline different life events that may signal a need for an amendment. In addition, we do anticipate significant changes to our country's policies with regard to gift and estate taxes. Our team is staying on top of these developments and will be prepared to educate our clients on the potential impact of any changes in the law during these webinars.

It may be time to tune in to an online review webinar

Please click on your attorney's picture to register

for one of their review sessions this quarter.


William Root

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Logan Philipps

Derek Graham

Melissa Feldman

Please note that due to privacy concerns for you and other meeting participants, your attorney will not be able to answer questions related to your plan specifically, but will provide general information as it relates to the audience as a whole. 

If you already know your plan is in need of updates, then you can

bypass the online session and simply contact our office to schedule

a personal review of your plan.

Both in-person and virtual meeting options are available during this time.

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