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20 Questions About Essential Documents

Updated: Jan 21, 2021


1. Who are your agents?

2. Are they the correct people?

3. Has someone moved and is no longer the correct person?

4. Should you change your agent?


Where are they?

5. Where are your documents?

6. Are they accessible to the people who will need them?

7. Are they safe?

8. Have you emailed them to others?


What are they?

9. What are your wishes for health care?

10. What are your wishes regarding end of life treatment?

11 Are they written down?

12. What documents do you need?


Who knows?

13. Who knows what your wishes are?

14. Who knows where your documents are?

15. Will they be able to find them in a hurry?

16. Does your primary care physician have them?


Can I?

17. Can I create the documents myself?

18. Can my CPA or Financial Advisor create them for me?

19. Can I deduct the fees used to complete them from my taxes?

20. Can I keep the same documents if I move?


Can you answer all of these questions?

If not, you might want to call our office for an initial complimentary consultation or a comprehensive review of your current documents. Our goal is to ensure you have planned for a bright tomorrow and can live every day to the fullest knowing you have a complete plan in place.

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