Planning for Minor Children

How long does an IV take to complete?

The typical IV infusion takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Infusions can last longer if addidtional fluids are needed or the fluids are administered through a smaller IV catheter.

How quickly should I start to feel better?

It depends on the individual. The infusion quickly resolves symptoms of dehydration, fatigue amd even migraines but we recommend continued oral hydration, a nutritionally balanced meal and of course, Rest!

Whats in the IV bag?

Each IV bag has a carefully formulated combination of vitamins and minerals desgined to treat speciaifc ailments. Whether you are suffering from cold/flu symptoms, hangover symptoms or just need to rehydrate after an intense workout, we have the right infusion for you. Consult with our provider to come up with the right IV or injection for you.

Do I have to come into the clinic to be treated?

No. If you would prefer to be treated in the comfort of your home or hotel room, we can accomodate. We just ask that you give us a bit of advanced notice(1-2 hours) during normal operating hours. Out of clinic visits are also availble outside of normal business hours by appointment only.

Is it painful to receive an IV or injection?

The honest answer is yes. There is a small needle entering your body but it has been described as a pinch that is uncomfortable but not very painful.

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