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Attorney F. David Resch

F. David Resch - Retired

My working life began as a high school history teacher in Youngstown, Ohio. After marriage, my wife and I moved to Columbus where I continued my teaching career in the Columbus Public Schools. While teaching in Columbus, I decided to explore another career option: the law. I attended Capital University Law School.


After graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, I had to make a big career decision; continue teaching or practice law. The law won. I entered the private practice of law in 1978 with Bill Root, and our first goal was to build a law practice.

With no clients, no income and no experience, we adopted a general practice of the law to serve the legal needs of many different clients. The next few years of diverse legal experience allowed us to learn what we liked and didn’t like in our law practice and for us to choose an area of the law that we enjoyed. We both decided that estate planning, helping people construct plans that would enable them to achieve certain goals for themselves and their families was the area of law to which we would limit our practice.

Since 1988, I have limited my law practice to the general area of estate and business succession planning. Over the past twenty-five plus years, I have had the privilege of helping more than a thousand families create estate plans that provided them with peace of mind and security.

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