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We share important and timely estate and special needs planning news in our newsletters.  Our goal is to keep you informed of important information that may pertain to your business, estate or tax planning needs.  Our most recent monthly publications are available below. 

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Representative Payee Handbook

RRPG Workplace Giving Program

Two New Vlogs

Upcoming Programs

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June 2022

Does Medicaid/Medicare Travel With You?

Planning for Grandchildren

STABLE Accounts and Trusts

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August 2022

RRPG Benefits Timeline

Meet Zayne Harshaw

Learn Your Parent's Plan

Client Corner

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May 2022

RRPG Vacation Destination Guide

May We Help

May Program Lineup

Bridgeway Academy

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July 2022

Alpinist Attorneys

Guardianship Rule Changes

Medicaid Waiver Changes

Upcoming Programs

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april 2022

Exciting Announcements

Financial Updates

Peeps or No Peeps?