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The purpose of our e-newsletter is to relay important and timely estate planning news to our clients and friends. Our goal is to keep you informed on important information that may pertain to your business, estate or tax planning needs.  Our most recent monthly publications are available below. 

Adaptive Resource Guide, Logan's Half Dome Hike and Free Online Learning Opportunities

JUNE 2021

DSACO Virtual Run


Yes, a STABLE Account Can Pay for That!


New episode of VLOGAN with Director Jeff Davis


We're Zooming all over the country

MARCH 2021

Planning in a Pandemic - A Year in Review

Covid-19 Didn't Stop Us


DSACO Webinar


STABLE Account Update


DD Awareness Month

MAY 2021

Look who's coaching soccer


Estate tax law changes


Upcoming program with Doug Jackson

Other online learning opportunities


To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate - What is a Guardian to Do?


What the stimulus package means for people with disabilities


Estate Planning Word Search

APRIL 2021

Who is Rusty Root?


What is a VLOGAN?


April Online Learning Opportunities


RRPG's Favorite Holiday Things

Upcoming Webinars

Important Announcement for Our Clients