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Retirement Celebration

Last month, we had a wonderful retirement celebration for David Resch and Linda DiCocco.  David, one of our founding partners, helped set the groundwork 43 years ago for what is now RRPG.  Linda, who will officially retire this month, has been with our team for over 18 years and has worked as a legal assistant and office manager.  Both have made considerable contributions to the success of our business and we will be forever grateful for the time, energy and devotion they brought to each of their jobs!

their motto: "we measure our success in smiles"

All R Friends offers paid employment opportunities with dedicated job coaches, supported living, and impressive staffing ratios at six different locations in and around Columbus.

Check out the latest episode of VLOGAN for more information on this incredible organization!

Fundamentals of Adult Guardianship

All guardians are tasked with the extremely important responsibility of making critical decisions for another person, while focusing on protecting and preserving the rights of the individual being served.  Uniform education guides guardians to fulfill their duties in a way that is consistent with national standards and Ohio’s rules for courts. 

Learn how the Ohio Supreme Court's course on guardianship of adults was developed in this new blog post written by Derek Graham.

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Free Webinar Opportunity

The Blanchard Valley Center has invited Logan Philipps to offer this free webinar on Special Needs Planning.

During this interactive program, Logan will address some of the most common questions and concerns about planning for the future, including but not limited to, different types of trusts, leaving a house to a child, the impact on benefits, and risks associated with disinheriting a child with special needs.